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Any advice for a young British resident trying to watch and enjoy NBA games?!?

I'm a young adult from the UK and decided that from 17th October, I'm gonna try and get into basketball games and watch the NBA season games right from regular season to the finals in June. To be frank, I don't really have the first clue about basketball. I heard the teams are split into West Conference and East Conference? I sort of have a clue about some of the teams, like I know GSW and Cleveland Cavs are VERY popular. Will I be able to understand the basics of basketball, e.g. point systems and how drafting works etc? I have friends who have been watching NBA for some time now and I am far behind. I don't know which teams are decent, which are bad and how they've done in general in the past. Is there a lot of research I should do about the main teams in either conference.

Also, how did you decide which team to support. Yes, I know it's down to your personal opinion but I feel like I may not confidently decide which team I like best for at least a few years? Your advice would be

greatly appreciated. I apologise for the VERY ELABORATE question.

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    The best way to learn about the Nba is to play a season of an Nba2k game. You'll learn everything about:

    Teams, Divisions, Players, Flooring, Positions, Awards, Coaches, Playoffs, Stats, Drafts and Draft Picks.

    You dont have the play the entire season but you start to pick up terms and remember recognizable players. You'll eventually remember a lot of things too because the announcers (after a while, they tend to repeat theirselves). Your friend is also a good dictionary lol.

    Watching the games irl tend to be boring or frustrating, there are a lot flopping and misses. I personally only watch my favorite team play because you'll honestly never watch every single game. There are games everyday for 167 days and there could be 2-8 matches going on during the same day so you'll bore yourself out. The playoffs or op team matchups are usually exciting.

    Good luck

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    The best Eastern conference teams are the Raptors, Celtics and Caveliers (Lebron). The best Western conference teams are Rockets, Spurs and Warriors.

    There's no such thing as having only one favorite team, you can like any teams you want. Research is usually for people who plan on betting money on certain teams to win.

    For me personally, I am traditionally aa Boston Celtics fan but my favorite play is Derrick Rose because he is a humble, hard working guy on and off the court. He plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers who have to defeat the Celtics if they want to get to the NBA Finals.

    I don't really care which team wins, I just enjoy the game of basketball. As long as your enjoying the game and supporting the teams and players your a great fan.

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