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Rock & Pop: If Cameron Crowe were to make a movie about the 80's music scene, what or who should he center it around?

He did a 70s film, "Almost Famous" around a band based on The Allman Brothers but it was really about the entire hard rock scene and the end of an era. He made a 90s film, "Singles" set in the Seattle grunge scene. He skipped right over the 80s though. Something must be done about that.

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    I'd say that he should make the movie center around 80s alternative/indie bands, such as Husker Du, The Replacements, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., etc.

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    He did not just arbritrally skip it he did it for a reason. He said that doing an 80s movie he could not do it justice. The 80s arguably had the best music ever. I am not saying it does but every time someone brings up an artist it seems like they are connected to the 80s. Madonna, Cher (one of her comebacks), Michael Jacksons solo career really took off. The list goes on and on, rarely does a movie do music justice, Almost Famous is a rare exception. Both critics and the public liked it, while some people dislike critics with a passion, they are a vital part of the equation. Also why does Crowe have to direct it? Most of his movies suck, at least recently, there are way better choices for a director than him. We Bought a Zoo? Seriously? The cast was hslfway decent and it still panned.

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    I don't know their story really, but I think the idea of going into the early days of REM and that Athens, GA scene could be very interesting.

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    no new york, the movie

    ...but that is more of a alex cox sort of film

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