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Rate these Baby Names?

For fun! I'm not pregnant, but I'd really like to get some outside opinions when I am.


Anthony 'Tony'

Daniel 'Dan'


Gregory 'Greg'

Joseph 'Joe'


Matthew 'Matt'

Nicholas 'Cole'

Randall 'Randy'

Samuel 'Sam'

Thomas 'Tom'


Anne 'Annie'




Jane 'Janie'






Thanks so much!

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    Anthony 'Tony'- 6/10 Nice enough but seems kind of average- i don't think its anything special honestly.

    Daniel 'Dan'- 8/10 My husband name so I quite like it. Ages well

    Felix- 9/10 I don't hear it much but a very cool name

    Gregory 'Greg'- 5/10 Again, a nice enough name but nothing to write home about. Sort of dated but not really in a timeless way

    Joseph 'Joe'- 7/10 This was my dads name so I quite like it. Very common and established name

    Luke- 7/10 Definitely sounds like a nickname. I like Lucas or Luca as ful names

    Matthew 'Matt'- 7/10 quite nice, not my personal taste but a nice name

    Nicholas 'Cole'- 9/10 Quite nice and I like Cole as a nickname

    Randall 'Randy'- 5/10 Not my favourite but not bad

    Samuel 'Sam'- 7/10- A nice name that ages quite well

    Thomas 'Tom'- 10/10 one of my favourites! Timeless, a total classic and ages very well


    Anne 'Annie'- 10/10 I LOVE Anne! My favourite book growing up was Anne of green gables and I desperately wanted to name my daughter this! Unfortunately hubby didn't like it so it is her middle name

    Claire- 8/10 A nice name, sounds pretty

    Danielle- 4/10 I never liked it for some reason. Don't know why as there isn't really anything wrong with it but yeah

    Haley- Very pretty. I know a lot of Haley's and they're all sweet happy girls

    Jane 'Janie'- 10/10 Again LOVE! I also love Jane Eyre and Jane Austen. So timeless

    Mary- 10/10 Another beautiful classic!

    Rachel- 7/10 very pretty!

    Renee- 6/10 a very pretty name, though kind of tainted for me as I knew a few Renees I didn't like

    Sarah- 8/10 I've always preferred it spelt Sara. But a lovely name nonetheless

    Valerie- 8/10 Lovely name, I don't hear it much anymore


    - Joseph

    - Matthew

    - Nicholas

    - Samuel

    - Claire

    - Haley

    - Renee


    - Anthony

    - Daniel

    - Luke

    - Thomas

    - Anne

    - Danielle

    - Rachel

    - Sarah


    - Gregory

    - Felix

    - Randall

    - Jane

    - Mary

    - Valerie

  • 2 years ago

    Anthony 7

    Daniel 8

    Felix 6

    Gregory 7

    Joseph 9

    Luke 6

    Matthew 9

    Nicholas 7

    Randall 6

    Samuel 9

    Thomas 9

    Anne 10

    Claire 10

    Danielle 6

    Haley 3

    Jane 9

    Mary 9

    Rachel 8

    Renee 5

    Sarah 7

    Valerie 6

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    Anthony 'Tony' 6

    Daniel 'Dan' 6

    Felix 3

    Gregory 'Greg' 2

    Joseph 'Joe' 2

    Luke 2

    Matthew 'Matt' 2

    Nicholas 'Cole' 9

    Randall 'Randy' 3

    Samuel 'Sam' 9

    Thomas 'Tom' 6


    Anne 'Annie' 10

    Claire 8

    Danielle 4

    Haley 3

    Jane 'Janie' 2

    Mary 3

    Rachel 4

    Renee 4

    Sarah 4

    Valerie 3

    All of them are nice enough, but Greg, Joe, Luke, Matthew, Haley, Jane & Sarah are so common I find them pretty dull. (Even though you could say that Nicholas, Samuel, Anne, and Claire are common as well, and they are my favorites... But I don't hear them too often anymore, and Nicholas has plenty of nickname options, and of course Cole is much less popular than Nick!)

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    nothing there I would object to very common established names.

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