Environmental Engineering in army reserves?

Currently, I m studying to receive my masters in environmental engineering. I will receive my degree in May 2018. I have been considering joining the military to receive experience, and serve my country. From what I have been reading, there does not seem to be a place for me. I was hoping that I could get into the army corps of engineers but, I do not know how to do that. Any advice?

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    Many people get a 2nd lieutenant commission AFTER graduating college, but I hardly see the point in this. You've already done college. Why join the army? Many of those people did not prepare in college and took classes that are not marketable (e.g., social sciences). These people represent a glut of military officers that has lowered intelligence standards. From a study (see source in comments):

    Officers are actually less educated today than officers of the past. For example, 41% of new Marine officers in 2014 would not have met the intelligence standards demanded of officers in World War II.

    "In this paper, we show that the quality of officers in the Marines, as measured by scores on the General Classification Test (GCT), a test that all officers take, has steadily and significantly declined since 1980.[6]"

    I suggest people map out their education. GET A MARKETABLE SKILL. Don't waste your time with silly "discipline training" and the many military hazards.

    The big X factor is the risk of the military. You might deploy. You might be in combat. There are also those other things I mentioned that are higher for vets than civilians: PTSD, LEGAL drug use, smoking, domestic abuse, divorce, suicide, compulsive sexual disorder, etc. If you'd like more information on this aspect, then please check the comments for my expanded answer. It's a Yahoo*Best*Answer.

    See my Yahoo Best Answer at the link. The question is from a girl, but my generic answer applies to both sexes.

    Michael .

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  • With an engineering degree you have potential for Officer Candidate's School in really any branch, if you qualify and get accepted. To be an officer in the Army Corps of Engineers you commission into the Army and hope to get branched to Engineering, not guaranteed.

    Or you could just enlist but that would be REALLY far from any engineering job (enlisted jobs with "engineer" in the name means construction worker)

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    2 years ago

    Unless you are Dircomming into doctor, ruse, lawyer or clergy, your civilian education and experience means nothing to the military. You would only be offered a Japanese b that they had need of you in, that you qualified for based on the ASVAB

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  • 2 years ago

    Can I just say how proud I am of you?

    • lorenzo2 years agoReport

      I have not decided just yet to join. I'm still weighing the option. Thank you though.

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