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Does software engineering involve physics ?

Unlike other engineering branches like Electrical is physics taught in software engineering ? My favorite subjects are physics and cs in school. I am good at math but don't enjoy or hate it, I just do it cos well Mathematics is the basis of civilisation. But I heard software engineering is basically just Applied Math with almost no physics unlike Mechatronics or something. Ik I wanna do engineering but should I do software if I want physics to be a part of the course ?

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    Software engineering is based on logic and on "discrete" mathematics. Usually a year of physics is taught, but that's really because there's some market for software engineers in science research applications or mech. eng. applications. If you like science better than math, software engineering is probably not the right major for you. Consider civil or environmental engineering, which both offer a good deal of employment security (at least in the US).

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    Physics can often be useful in programming, but by no means is required. Much, if not most, programming is done for applications in which physics plays little or no part. In a business application, for example, statistics would be far more useful than physics would be. In the Kerbal Space Program, physics rules.

    Programming is more about understanding a task to be done and breaking it into pieces that can be solved. Physics is not usually required.

    Going the other direction, physics-based occupations, except for theoretical physics, almost always make extensive use of programming.

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