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Other than Bill Clinton has the United States had any other terrific president in your lifetime???

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    That would be Bill who bombed a powdered milk factory to draw attention away from his domestic political problems, and went ahead with the execution of a mentally retarded guy because commuting the sentence would have been bad for his campaign in Arkansas?

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    I was born in 1957. So, Ike=yes JFK=Kinda LBJ=no Nixon=definitely not Ford=are you kidding? Jimmy Carter=sort of, but he inherited a pile of s**t from LBJ, Nixon, and Ford so large and smelly that no one appreciated him. Ronald W Reagan=grudgingly, yes George H W Bush=Yes!!! I know this will turn a lot of heads, but he presided over the collapse of the Soviet Union, and he did it in a manner which allowed Russia enough dignity to NOT nuke the rest of the world. William Jefferson Clinton=Yes George W Bush=no Barack Hussein O'Bama=I will have to abstain because he sent me a very nice unsolicited letter when he found out that she passed away. The letter was very thoughtful and had such an impact on me that I cannot be objective about him. I already liked his administration very much before he wrote me the letter. Donald J Trump=too early to tell, but he got off to a very bad start.

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    Yes. Burt none were Republican.

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    DDE yes

    JFK yes

    LBJ yes

    Nixon no

    Ford yes

    Carter yes

    Regan no

    Bush Sr yes

    Clinton yes

    Bush Jr no

    Obama yes

    Trump no

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    dont care

    presidents are worth as much to me as a fly on the window sill, course, probably the fly is worth more since its where i can see it

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    Nixon, no.

    Ford, no.

    Carter, yes.

    Reagan, yes.

    H. W. Bush, meh.

    Clinton, yes.

    W. Bush, no.

    Obama, yes.

    Trump, no, unless by "terrific" you also mean "terrible" and "terrifying".

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