Fairy Tail questions!?

Hi. I need to know a few things about this. Sorry if my questions sound stupid I recently joined the Anime world lol. Answer in order!

Are Manga and Anime the same thing?

If so, in the Manga NaLu did not happen. So is there any chance of it happening in the new season in 2018?

I mean is the new season going to confirm/unconfirm the ships (NaLu, GruVia, GaJevy)?

I heard that NaLu did not happen in the Manga so is it gonna be the same in the Anime or what?


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    the manga and anime are the same but also different manga and light novels is usually where the story starts and usually in comic book form ( except light novels obviously ) , then turn into anime so you can see and here (animation ) the big difference is that some the manga would be cut from the anime and an anime might have some extra non canon parts ( they are called fillers ) , the ships i honestly dont know about the anime version because they can just add that in , and the manga is ended , the fairy tail new season begins in 2018 . there could be a possibility that it happens in the anime instead of the manga thats happen before in other anime/manga .

  • 2 years ago

    Fairy Tail manga did ended without any NaLu things, though it did showed(concluded) the other relation "ships" that actually that touched their respective shores. It was rather a forced conclusion in my honest opinion and since this did not ended in manga than believe me, its not gonna end in 2018 sequel either.

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    "Manga" normally refers to a story that is told in "comic book" format.

    "Anime" refers to a story that is told in "animated" or "movie" format.

    Both are known for having complex story lines that run across multiple issues of the comics or multiple cartoons of the animation.

    Many Mangas have been adapted into Anime. (And some story that began as Anime have been adapted into comic form as Mangas.)

    Mangas are comics Animes are cartoons.

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    If you mean is anime a different name for manga? No, manga is the books.

    Anime is basically a tv adaptation of a book, and because so much happens in the manga they can't physically put it in the anime on their time constraints. Sometimes they add things in the anime that aren't in the manga and that just sucks!!

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    2 years ago

    For most of the anime, yes, the manga and anime are the same, but there are some episodes and chapters that are not in the other.

    No, if the new season is going to follow the manga, then the shippings will not happen. It's impossible to tell whether or not the shippings will actually happen in the anime unless we can see the future and the anime decides not to follow the manga.

    • Skylarree2 years agoReport

      It's actually really weird how Hiro gave us so many moments and yet no ship.

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