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Why do people think that it's antisemitic to be against Jewish EXTREMISM (and that whole religion anyway)?

Just like Christian and Islamic extremism, Jewish extremism is a real thing too. And those 3 Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) are anyway really harmful to the society. Jews circumcize their own babies and do other sick stuff. Christians go around telling people what to freaking do, and Muslims bomb European cities. Yet people tell us to TOLERATE those religions?? Really? No sane person tolerates such religions. Only SJWs do. And people who are Christians, Jews or Muslims.

Also, just because I hate Judaism, doesn't mean that I hate people who are just RACIALLY Jewish. I know many people who are racially Jewish but they are not Jewish by religion. And some people who are not racially Jewish are sometimes Jewish by religion, for example, Madonna and Ivanka Trump.

So why do people say that hating the religion of Judaism is antisemitic, when the truth is that antisemitic means hating the race of Israeli/Hebrew/Semitic people? I ain't hating on races. I am hating on harmful religions.

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    Because they are brainwashed by the Jewish propaganda.

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      Seriously, your behavior is really childish. You think that I am hating on a race, yet I said that I hate on people who practice a religion really extremely. So just stop. Maybe I explain things strangely at times, but I ain't a lying jerk who secretly hates people just because of their race.

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    There are antisemites who claim they are not being antisemitic because they are not against Jews only Judaism and there are those who claim the exact opposite.

    You demonstrate this perfectly because you start of by talking about extremism but that is false because you are against even non extremist versions of it.

    You then say things such as: "JEWS circumcise their own babies and do other sick stuff. "

    Noticed you said Jews, thus indicating that the real target of your animosity is Jews.

    (Also, circumcision is not "sick".)

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      Seriously. You are a total idiot. Like I said, you ******* kike, that I hate the REAL Jews, and with Real Jews I mean extremist. Yes, real Jews are extremists because Judaism is an extreme religions. Like extremist Jews would be fake jews or something.

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    'Cause it is.

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    2 years ago

    they r fake jews. they r only jew-ish

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    People are judgy. Get over it. Be the best you can be and forget about what others think. If you have your head on straight, and you can take criticism, you're 1/2 way to being mature. ...just don't join any weird cult that makes you put on pointy hats,k?

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