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When God sends a woman a handsome husband who looks like Sam Elliott, is it basically spitting in God's face if she leaves him?

ESPECIALLY if he is charming and modest, and has given her two children whose only flaw is taking after her?


Fireball---You never heard of God? He is generally considered important to can read about him in the Bible.

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    You my friend are committing at least two, possibly three SINs. You know the one about coveting thy neighbor's spouse. I would also venture to say that you are taking the lord's name in vain as I'm quite sure s/he would have no parts of this nonsense. Then of course there's vanity involved, not to mention judging others. You need to check yourself because from the looks of it, you are in league with the devil on this one.

    Update: It seems you're pretty new here and may have some cognitive issues or something. Fireball has never heard of Sam Elliot...not god silly.

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    I have a feeling there is A LOT more to it than that.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    never heard of him

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