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Anonymous asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 3 years ago

How do I better control my portions?

I eat fast, so food enters my mouth faster than my body can realize I've had enough.

I can't eat slow.

I have terrible self control. I eat one plate, and my brain says, "You know you've had enough. You know you'll regre..." *grabs second plate* because my body says "food is gone? I'm not satisfied yet!", brain: "..oh ffs."

And then it starts to hit me, that first plate starts to satisfy me... but goddammit, now enters the second plate into the stomach, and "Oh god... what have I done.. I can't move... way too full.... ugh"

What's the matter with me


I used to weigh 150lbs since high school 'til I hit about 30... now I weigh 175lbs 😭

4 Answers

  • Gary B
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    3 years ago
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    You control portions by PRE-MEASURING THEM. You can have 1/2 a cup of something, so MEASURE IT OUT before you begin to fix your food. Freezer-safe plastic bags and small Tupperware Contains are GREAT for keep pre-measured food in the freezer.

    If you continue to let your body control you, you will NEVER lose weight, and will get fatter. Make individual servings, and cook then ONE at a time. Grow a pair, andlearn to say NO to yourself.

    So,come home,. take out ONE serving (NEVER more than one) of your dinner, and warm it up. THEN eat. Eat slow, or gulp it like a greedy dog, when it is gone it is gone. No more soup for you!

    DRINK LOTS OF WATER when you eat,. NOT tea or coffee or milk -- WATER. Bottled water is best, bust most city water is healthy. youo can buy thing like Britta or Pura filters for your faucet.

    Make sure you design a meal plan with LOTS of fiber in it -- leafy vegetables, grains, High Fiber foods like Cheerios or Shredded Wheat or whole grain bread, buns, or muffins.Fibers make you feel fuller , but don't add much to your diet. AND, freefibers attract excess fat and suagr, and make than pass through instead of getting digested. (CAREFUL! High fiber AND high fat can end up really smelly messy.)


    Lets say you make a nice, creamy Leek Soup. You can have ONE CUP per meal. But your recipe makes four servings (4 cups).

    MAKE THE SOUP ON SATURDAY. Make a full recipe. Then divide it into 4 equal parts in suitable sized Tupper containers Use masking tape to give you a place to write, and mark then with a Sharpie marker (write on the tape) Put them in the freezer or fridge, and take them out NOT MORE THAN ONE at a time, warm up the soup in a REALcookibg potn (NOT microwaved) so it feelslike you REALLY cooked som,ething, and thene at eat.

    When you cook, UNDER-season the food. Don't use as much salt and pepper as the recipe say. Complete the -seasoning after youi warm it up. It tastes fresher that way.

    This is EXACTLY how places like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers control your diet. PORTION CONTROL. They don't use "fake food" or anything like tat. they cook REAL food -- and then CONTROL THE PORTIONS before you ever get to it.

    YOU can do the same thing, at home, and not haev to pay the exorbitant costs for these per-prepared foods. Make your own food, and pre-measure it yourself!

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  • .
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    3 years ago

    Self control.

    Take a bite of food and put down your spoon or fork. Don't pick it up again until you've chewed and fully swallowed that bite. Then pick up your utensil and take another bite, and repeat the process.

    When you've eaten your plate of food. Drink a large glass of water or tea (without sugar). Get up and walk around for a minute (maybe go to the bathroom and back). Then sit back down if you want, and evaluate if you still want to put more food in your mouth. If you do, help your plate with SMALL portions (and go for the lowest calorie stuff available) and repeat the process of taking a bite and putting down your utensil until you've chewed and swallowed that bite, but then take a big drink of water/tea before you take another bite (and do that between every bite thereafter).

    Basically it boils down to you taking control and not just saying "I can't eat slow". Yes, you can. You simply choose not to. You're the only one who has control over your body. Your arm doesn't become possessed and start shoveling food into your mouth. Decide you're going to be in charge and not try to use the excuse of "I can't control myself". Unless you're suffering from some neuromuscular disease, you can indeed control your hand grabbing a fork, scooping up food, and sticking it into your mouth.

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  • Chris
    Lv 7
    3 years ago

    Have a protein shake or take Metamucil prior to eating. Both will make you feel full before eating so you eat less.

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  • 3 years ago

    They say with each chew you should count to 15 or 20.

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