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Anyone have the Army GCSS Maintenance Supervisor s Course Test 1 answers?

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  • 2 years ago

    I know this is passing so hope it helps

    1. D

    2. A

    3. D

    4. C

    5. D

    6. D

    7. B

    8. C

    9. C

    10. B

    11. D

    12. B

    13. A

    14. C

    15. B

    16. C

    17. B

    18. C

    19. A

    20. B

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    • John11 months agoReport

      It still works as of today. Thanks a lot! I should have trusted the almighty internet before I took all these damn notes lol

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  • 2 years ago

    are used to schedule preventive services and inspections.

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  • 3 years ago

    1. __________ are used to schedule preventive services and inspections.

    a. Shop plans

    b. Scheduling parameters

    c. Work calls

    d. Maintenance Plans

    2. A single-cycle maintenance plan is used to schedule services using either a ________ or a ________.

    a. Date cycle, counter cycle

    b. Time cycle, odometer

    c. PM notification, cycle plan

    d. PM cycle, date cycle.

    3. The __________ transaction can be used to change, activate/deactivate, and flag/unflag a maintenance plan for deletion.

    a. IP30

    b. PP61

    c. CM01

    d. IP02

    4. What process within GCSS-Army calculates the quantities needed to satisfy projected consumption or to meet immediate requirements?

    a. ZPARK

    b. Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

    c. Consumption Cycle

    d. Quantifiable Supplies Plan

    5. What does the "P" indicate behind the MRP area when displaying the details of the DODAAC Report (ZFE)?

    a. That this is a Property MRP Area

    b. This this is a Proposed MRP Area

    c. That this is a Planned MRP Area

    d. That this is a Provisional MRP Area

    6. A General Maintenance Task List can be assigned when:

    a. Creating a single-cycle date or counter maintenance plan using the Create Maintenance Plan (IP41) transaction.

    b. Creating a multi-counter maintenance plan when using the Create Maintenance Plan (IP43) transaction.

    c. Changing an existing maintenance plan when using the Change Maintenance Plan (IP02) transaction.

    d. All of the above

    7. When granting GCSS-Army users the authority to post goods receipts using the AIT application, what must be established for the AIT User record?

    a. A validity period

    b. ZAIT Roles

    c. Authorized Personnel File

    d. None of the above

    8. Which transaction code can be used to verify a material’s on-hand quantity balance?

    a. ZAIT

    b. ZFE


    d. ME80FN

    9. Within transaction code MIGO, what Action, Reference Document, and MvT posting selections must be used to post a goods receipt for material that is considered Found on Installation (FOI)?

    a. A01 Goods Receipt, R10 Other, and 101 (GR goods receipt)

    b. A07 Goods Issue, R08 Order, and 261 (GI Goods Issue)

    c. A01 Goods Receipt, R10 Other, and 501 (Receipt w/o PO)

    d. A01 Goods Receipt, R10 Other, and 905 (Receipt w/o PO)

    10. Which Material Requirements Planning Type indicates that a material is a bench stock item?

    a. NP

    b. PD

    c. ZP

    d. ZV

    11. When the shop stock material initial (ZII) Purchase Requisition (PR) is saved, it is automatically __________ by GCSS-Army and it must be reviewed before it can be converted to a Purchase Order (PO).

    a. Changed

    b. Released

    c. Staged

    d. Parked

    12. Use the __________ transaction to display the current readiness posture of your organization.

    a. ZFE

    b. Z_EQUST

    c. ZSAF

    d. ZBSU

    13. True or False? Using the Equipment Status Report (ESR), a maintenance manager can review the current status of all vehicles, including which vehicles are non-mission capable and which are fully mission capable, prior to departure.

    a. True

    b. False

    14. What type of purchasing documents can be displayed in the Order Status Report?

    a. Material movement documents

    b. Inventory documents

    c. Purchase order documents

    d. Purchase requisition documents.

    15. How long is a work center shift interval valid?

    a. One week

    b. For the defined validity period

    c. Indefinitely

    d. One month

    16. The PP61 transaction can be used to perform the following:

    a. Maintain Work Center Personnel Shift Plans

    b. Set the printing parameters for work center personnel shift planning and to display the work center personnel shift plan and to set the printing parameters.

    c. Maintain and print a work center personnel shift plan

    d. All of the above

    17. What must the work center personnel shift plan profile always be set to?

    a. SAP_000001 (employees in organizational units)

    b. SAP_000002 (work center view)

    c. SAP_000003 (work center view according to OrgStructure)

    d. SAP_000004 (Work center view according to Unit maintenance relationship)

    18. Bench stock material is consumed using a________, which reduces the inventoried quantity of the material on hand.

    a. FOI

    b. Stock Transfer Order

    c. Goods Issue

    d. Purchase Order

    19. A ________ is an inventory management term that denotes a physical inward goods movement of materials resulting in an increase in inventory.

    a. Goods Receipt

    b. Cross-Dock

    c. Purchase Order

    d. Return Purchase Requisition

    20. The aging indicators identify the age of return purchase requisitions for the materials to be turned in to your Supply Support Activity. Which aging indicator light represents a PR that is between 11 and 30 days old?

    a. Green light

    b. Yellow light

    c. Red light

    d. None of the above

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