Breeding for a HA Espurr?

I m attempting to get a HA Espurr with Own Tempo on my Moon game but I have a dilemma. I m using my Female Meowstic and a Ditto, but the Meowstic doesn t have the hidden ability. If I were to breed my male Glameow with Own Tempo with my female Meowstic, would it produce eggs that have a chance of getting the ability? If not, are they any other ways of getting an Espurr with Own Tempo?

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  • Cantra
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    2 years ago
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    Hidden Abilities will never spontaneously appear when breeding. The mother has to have it already.

    The father's ability is 100% irrelevant unless it's a pairing with Ditto (and the Ditto's is always irrelevant). The fact that one species can have another species' hidden ability as a normal one, means nothing.

    So you will never get a Hidden Ability Espurr without a mother who already has the Hidden Ability.

    So you must obtain a Hidden Ability parent to begin with, and for Espurr it means you need X/Y and someone on your friends list with it in a Psychic-type Friend Safari. Any you catch there have a chance of having the Hidden Ability.

    • xpizzelxx2 years agoReport

      I figured as such, but it was worth asking. I have an Own Tempo Meowstic on my ORAS game but I dont have PokeBank to transfer it to my Moon game so it's pretty impossible.

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