Is there anything you can do RIGHT AWAY for the child if you should happen to find one left in a car?

I was watching a recreation of something like this. JUST BEFORE the man who found the child found him he had placed some bottled water in the trunk of his car. I was thinking. Could he may have taken some of that water and maybe sprinkled some of the water on the baby after unclothing child down to diaper for example? I'm thinking maybe to help with the cooling down process before help came. OR would it do more harm then good?

1 Answer

  • martin
    Lv 7
    3 years ago

    It would have done good to open the windows and do something to cool down the baby. Although it normally would be a trespass, it could be justified or excused by the emergency to save the baby's life. But it's best to check with surrounding people, especially a security person, first.

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