Program/player other than itunes/ipod which allows you to subscribe to podcasts and easily put them on the player?

I have an ipod and use itunes to subscribe to podcasts and love that I don't have to download them all individually from the podcasts' websites. But iTunes has been taking up a lot of RAM and opens and does things VERY SLOWLY. I also need to put my podcasts on a device that doesn't need the internet because I take it hiking in places that do not get LTE/wifi.

Does anyone know of other players/programs that can subscribe and easily aggregate all in one place to sync with a device?

(I do have an ipod but I'm happy to purchase a new player with better functionality)

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  • 3 years ago
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    This is exactly what I do. I download the episode on my commuter and move them to folders on my mp3 player. So that they stay in order, I download them several at a time and front end rename them, either in leading zero sort order , out with date, like 2917-08-18-Name _of _episode.mp3. Done this to thousands - a few at a time. Mp3 players often have their own method of sort unless you rename and over ride it.

    I use an old Creative Zen p3 player. Sleep with it on a 2 hour timer. Been doing this forever. Meanwhile my phone is fresh, uncluttered, and charged overnight.

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