What is Causing my computer to Crash?!?!?

I just really want to know if its a hardware problem or a software problem. The symptoms are as such:

The computer will crash, no BSOD, it just reboots (sometimes into automatic repair), the fans when the computer crashes get much louder. It will crash when using youtube, surfing the web, using most programs, or in the lobby for a League of Legends Match (a game I play most on it) BUT, once the game is loaded and the match begins, it never crashes... until the match has ended and the game reverts back to its standard client interface. Which is why i mentioned this game so specifically. I'm so confused. Can anyone give me a direction to go to resolve this???

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    I have been doing computer repair since 1978 on PDP-8 s.

    First - nobody can help you. How do you expect folks to help when you do not mention if this is a laptop or desktop? No mention of the OS or motherboard? No mention of the RAM or hard drive size - or - how much space is free on that drive? No mention of how big, or small, the power supply is?

    Second - how long ago did this start? What did you do immediately before this all started? I ask because that is probably what has triggered your issues. Consider this - if your PS was too small and on the brink of causing a crash - installing something as simply as a nicer gaming mouse could be the straw that broke the back. Tipped things over the edge.

    Third - stop tying to play technician. Unless you have an ESD safe work bench and proper static free wrist straps - don t be touching anything inside the computer or moving things - stop touching! You will just make things worse. Bad enough you have a problem now - it will cost you 10X more to have this fixed if someone has to figure out two or more problems.

    Do this:

    1. add up the wattage of your mobo, GPU, and all the stuff on the computer and verify your PS is big enough. If you have a GPU card and the PS is less than 550 watts - I would suspect the PS is too wimpy.

    2. Check your C drive has 5GB-10GB free. I freak out when it gets less than 45GB. You run out of room on that drive you crash.

    3. Go to Control Panel>Device Manager>GPU> and look at your video card driver. It should be a recent one from the manufacture and not a generic Microsoft one. Go visit the manufacturer web site and be sure it is the latest one.

    4. If the video card driver was fine - follow the manufacture s instructions for finding the firmware version of the GPU and verify you have the latest. If not, down load the firmware and push it into the GPU.

    5. Might was well check the BIOS of your mother board. Having older BIOS on the mother board and nice new ones on the GPU can cause crashes. (and vice versa)

    6. Check if drive protection is turned on, and if so - then use the Restore command roll your computer back to where it was before all this trouble happened. You might want to do this step first - since if you roll the computer back and this helps..... you will have to re-install the drivers you already did again.

    While you are in Device Manager - take a peek at your hardware tree. Nothing should have a yellow flag or be unhappy - you see anything flagged or unhappy - you need to fix it.

    Good Luck!!

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    Many Reason For computer Crashing . If U see Dumping Error ,its may be cause of ram ,You Can do followings Thing :

    1. check Your operating system Update status

    2.Check Your Ram (If Possible Try to Repalce it)

    3.check Your Hard disk condition ,you can defragment your Drive ,By selecting Drive

    4. Check Task manager cpu usages or use third party software to check your cpu heating system

    if possible you can do all these things .


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    2 years ago

    This sounds like a classic overheating. I bet it never crashes when idle but then does when you are loading something. It is probably the processor fan. Are you overclocking the processor?

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    right now i am running it with only 1 of its sticks of ram in. And it has not crashed. I rotated each stick into the first ram slot, and none seem to have any problems on their own. Is it possible that a specific ram slot on a motherboard can be causing it to crash?

  • Fred
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    There is much that you have not told us. Laptop or desktop? What OS? How long does it take for the computer to crash?

    If it's a laptop, the problem could be a lot of lint or dust clogging things. I am assuming that the problem is heat based on the fans you mentioned. See if you can find a YouTube video about cleaning dust from a laptop of your model.

    EDIT: Your comments to pijai indicate that your PC is a desktop. How much free space do you have on your C drive? With all the mods that you have made, I would take the computer to a pro for repair.

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    It could be either hardware or software issue

    - Hardware issue could be faulty RAM sticks, failing hard drive or your computer just getting too old

    - Software issue could be corrupted files, malware, etc

    Since the game (League of Legends) works well without any issues at all, most likely it's software issue. Consider backing up all personal data to USB flash drive - like this one - https://www.amazon.com/SanDisk-Cruzer-Glide-Flash-...

    Then, install fresh copy of Windows, system drivers, Windows Updates & essential software & video games

  • More info needed...

    But, based on what info you provided, it sounds as if the game is causing your computer to crash.....

    You said it crashes AFTER you finish playing the game..... Well, it seems you may have just enough ram to run the game but, after you're done, the amount of ram left is not sufficient enough for the computer to remain booted.....

    Ram resets and restores once the computer is restarted/re-booted........ When it's on, it can only stay on as long as there is available/sufficient ram and, running things like games can suck it up in 1 gulp (if kinda or really low on ram).......

  • how old is your computer? which os is on it?

    • britencsi2 years agoReport

      The video card is new, the sticks of RAM are probably 4 years old. And everything else not mentioned would also be 4 years old.

      It runs windows 10

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