What should I go to college for?

I know no one should make a decision for me but I m at that point where I want to go to school but I can never decide. Right now I m taking my GE but I still can t decide. Based on your experiences what is a good career to get into? Like what do your kids major in or what job do you do? Or what would you want to do? I always lean more to the medical field and something to do with money. Those are probably something I see myself doing the most. If you guys can give me an insight. And yes I already went to see a counselor. Didn t work. I want to narrow it down.

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  • 3 years ago
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    You say you like the medical field. Have you looked into the Nurse/Practitioner ? It pays well and the education and training is less that for a full doctor's license.

  • 3 years ago

    Here is the reality. Slowly, jobs will probably be replaced by robots because they are cheaper.

    Eventually, (probably not in our lifetime) almost all jobs will be completed by robots. The only sure things will be either cooking jobs, design jobs such as architecture, and fixing things that break.

    Anything that doesn't specifically require human manuvaribility or the human eye will over tume be replaced.

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