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Will the DNC election rigging come back to bite them in a very sensitive area?

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    Oh, you mean Washing machine Shulzenheimer? and her tilting the DNC in Killary's favor or did you mean the ethics of Awan ""After Awan was barred from accessing the House computer system, Wasserman Schultz continued to pay Awan with taxpayer funds for IT consulting - a position he could not possibly perform," Whitaker wrote to the House Ethics Committee.

    Awan's salary also is an issue. Politico reported that Awan made nearly $2 million since he started working for House Democrats in 2004. Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley wrote that over 13 years, Awan, his brothers and wife "collected more than $4 million," which he said is "three times higher than the norm for a government contractor."


    OOOhhh, what an awesome link - where did you find that - "On June 15, Senior U.S. District Judge William Zloch denied Fort Lauderdale lawyer Cullin O’Brien’s motion after determining that his request would overburden the U.S. Marshals Service because the plaintiffs reside in 45 states and Washington, D.C. The judge also noted that O’Brien had not provided any evidence directly linking the incidents to the DNC and Weston-based Wasserman Schultz.

    “The undertaking would in all likelihood require the entire U.S. Marshals Service to direct all of its efforts and attention to this specific case,”

    So they don't want do delve into it because it's too extensive and would take all of it's Marshall's? How weak is that? Give me a freaking break.

    Oh, gosh, I don't understand Liberals, they talk out of both sides of their mouths. The double speak you know? I certainly hope it stings them in a very sensitive area.

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    Where is that? San Francisco?

    Or California in general?

    They may get their Feelings hurt.

    Florida is a swing State and the Democrats there have lost it already.

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    Yes, the DNC corrupt actions are not yet over as news worthy and a real fact to consider in going forward. The DNC, DW Schultz, D Brazile and others still have baggage that will hurt the party. What they did was wrong.

  • 2 years ago

    The MSM is ignoring that, typical.

    • Goggles
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      Justin, consider sending me a note sometime. I think you'll like what I have to say......

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    CONservatives gerrymander, cheat and lie to win elections they snowflake out and blame liberals for what they do.

    I guess they figure if we are busy defending ourselves over baseless lies, no one will see that they are nothing but a fascist cabal that is trying to dismantle the US government.

  • 2 years ago

    republikkklans rigg elections

    • Goggles
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      The Lawsuit filed is against the DNC and Blabbermouth-Shultz, my offended friend.
      The Establishment Republicans wanted Jeb Bush but voters clearly chose an Outsider.

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