Does anyone have the COMPLETE lyrics to "My My My My Mitchell" by Hoyt Axton?

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  • 4 years ago
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    Hoyt Axton - Mitchell

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    Had to redo a couple sites that had a wrong/too short version, so here it is....

    My my my my Mitchell

    What do your Mama say?

    What would she do

    if she knew you

    were fallin' round and carryin' on that way...

    Crackin' some heads, jumpin' in and out of beds

    and hangin' round the criminal scene...

    Do you think you are some kind of a star like the guys on the movie screen...

    Well oh my my my my Mitchell

    What would your captain do?

    If he knew you was hangin' round

    Eatin' with the crooks and shootin' up the town

    Know you been out there, roundin' up the syndicate

    succeedin' where the others have failed

    Oh my my my Mitchell

    You shoot 'em just to get 'em in jail

    When they take a look in the record book, they'll find you got a lot of class

    Catchin' the gang, the whole shebang, arrestin' painted ladies for a little grass

    Oh my my my Mr. Criminal, better hide underground

    Cause Mitchell gonna be comin' your way

    Just when you think you're safe, whoops, you've been found

    He wrestles with the ladies, and beats up all the bad guys

    Quicker than a grease can lube

    It's a bird, it's a plane, it's the American dream, like the guys on the movie tube

    He's such a super dude the American dream, like the guys on the movie screen

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