What do you think of this email I'm going to send if my former friend keeps reaching out to me?

My former friend from high school stabbed me in the back. She stole my last boyfriend and when I went to her for advice, she got angry at me. Her response was very rude and bossy.

Listen here! I'm sick of you reaching out to me when I keep on ignoring you. Ever since you stabbed in the back, you're trying to use me for things and that is not nice. I don't appreciate you bullying me. My parents have NEVER liked you and I wish I would've listened to them back when we were in high school. My mom told me her first impression of you was that she could tell you liked boys. She's right about that. You're very promiscuous and make very bad decisions. I wouldn't be surprised if you got into more hot water down the road. Not only are you a promiscuous *****, but you're also a narcistic liar. Every time I show my family and friends a picture of you, they tell me you're just some plain Jane and you are. If you're trying to rekindle a friendship with me, not a good idea. I'm very happy with my life and I've moved forward. I don't envy you at all because your life has been a piece of work. I don't blame the friends we had in high school dislike you now because you're a traitor and a liar. After this email, please do not reach out to me anymore. End of story!

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  • 3 years ago
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    Don't even know why you would bother responding. Just simply ignore and block her.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    I wouldn't send this email to the former friend at all. You are clearly angry at her and anger doesn't help you much. She would be likely to respond with a lot rather public vindictiveness. Something far more bland will have a greater effect on her. She will be more infuriated by a dismissive tone than an angry one. So just tell you you have lost all interest in being friends with her, and leave it at that.

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