Looking for information on riding in 20 foot Uhaul?

Mom is renting a 20 foot Uhaul Truck in a week and driving my little sister Jenny and I from CO to NC. It will be around an 1,800 mile trip. It will be 3 of us in the cab and Jenny and I will be switching between the window and middle each time we stop.

I am hoping someone who has rented a 20 foot Uhaul truck can help answer some of my questions below.

1) How much room will I have when riding by the window? How about when riding in the middle? I am 16 and Jenny is 13 and we are both tall for our age. Jenny is also kind of chunky. Will we have much room or be wedged against each other?

2) Will it be easy to sleep in the truck? Will I be able to sleep when riding in the middle seat?

3) Will we be able to play our iPods on the trucks stereo? Will the truck have a CD Player? Will there be a power plug?

4) Will the truck have electric windows or windows we will have to roll-up? Jenny and I will have to spend some time in the truck waiting for mom and wondering if we can open and close the windows.

5) How old are most 20 foot Uhauls? Are they easy to get started and don't knock off? The last time I rode in a Uhaul it kept knocking off at stoplights.

6) How comfortable are the seats? Do they recline? Will we have a bench seat or the little seat in the middle?

7) Will I have any personal space when riding in the middle or will it be so tight mom and Jenny will be invading my space?

I am nervous about the long truck trip and want to know what to expect.

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    A trip that long in a vehicle like that is going to be miserable. For all of you.

    1. The seats are actually fairly generous. I made a 250 mile trip driving, with my son and twin brother. All of us are decent sized men. No issues on seat room.

    2. Never tried, but probably not.

    3. No, no, yes. Probably 2, 12 volt plugs.

    4. Toss-up, could be either.

    5. Not very, they don't last long. The reason the truck died at lights is because they tune them to run very, very rich. They will get 1/2 the mileage they should because of it. A trick... they have a button on the dash for towing mode. This is engaged by default. If you aren't towing a vehicle, *turn it off*! It gets back some of that mileage, but they still run like crap.

    6. They are truck seats. A 3 day ride is going to suck. They do not recline, they have no place to lay back. The layout depends on specific model, basically a modified bench is normal.

    7. You should have a small amount of space, but it won't be like bucket seats or anything.

    Again, 3 days in that is going to suck for all of you. It's part of the U-Haul "experience". You pay enormous amounts of money for the rental, plus burn enough gas to drive 4 cars the same distance, and feel like you've been hit by the truck several times when the ride is over.

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    3 years ago

    You can expect misery and your butt will never be the same. The ride will be rough not smooth like that Jeep you are dragging. Has mom ever driven a u-haul much less dragging a car along? Dress in loose fitting clothing and if possible frequent rest stops.

  • Dan B
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    3 years ago

    These are trucks. They have no luxury features like reclining seats, electric windows or CD players. No personal space. The cabs are about 6 ft wide, allowing each of you about 2 ft (24") of butt room.

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  • 3 years ago

    It's never fun riding in the middle seat in any vehicle

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