Which state is the essiest to obtain 2 15 insurance license?

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  • lucy
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    2 years ago
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    I had to google 2 15 license to find that it is Florida's Life, Health and Annuity license.

    I know for a fact to get licensed in FL, (was a claim adjuster in IN, and handled FL claims) that the state requires you be fingerprinted and with the prior misdeamenor, maybe a “problem” getting licensed, or in many states won’t allow.



    But, besides that, you have picked a field that most likely you will fail. Tons of insurance companies advertise wanting life insurance agents, and most of them w/in 6 months fail, since you need to be in the business for years to “build” up your clients and referrals, since life and health is commissions, thus if no sales, no money.

    Since the ACA was passed (Obamacare), many agents who sold health insurance got out of the market, since with the requirement of 80 or 85% paid on (all) claims, then to make this goal, they reduced commissions by half and in some cases, some companies are paying nothing (zero).

    If, you would like to stay in insurance, then the best option would be property/casualty which is homeowners and auto, which is easier to sell.

    good luck

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