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What does Peppa Pig teach kids ?

My 8 year old cousin likes watching Peppa Pig now he's got me addicted to it I watch it with my girlfriend every night I think it's cute but it's kind of weird. All the kid characters have the same letter in the first name as in the last. The parents don't have names. Peppa gets mean and bosses everyone even her own family calling them old and fat. Nothing bad happens except when a car breaks down so why do they need firemen , police men etc. it's a kids show so they can't show violince so why do they need that stuff. They go on a happy fun loving normal day without worrying about a plane crash or a shark attack or carnival rides breaking down. It makes kids growing up thinking nothing bad could ever happen to them that things would go their way. George really annoys me he cries at every little thing. No one dies , there's no kidnappings no murders no thieves etc. . What does it really teach kids ? I've always wondered where does Peppa Pig live ?

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago
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    peppa teaches kiddos to smoke the dank kush

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