What companies are in the electric car power generator building business besides Southern Company?


In addition, with more new electric vehicles planned to be on the road, which stores and restaurants will be on the cutting edge of having parking generators available for their customers and shoppers?

Update 2:

My question is referring to electric vehicle PLUG-IN STATIONS.

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    3 years ago


  • 3 years ago

    "Electric Car Power Generator?" I don't think Musk includes those in his cars. Maybe you mean electric motors?

    After Update:

    Good grief. Who do I expect to be involved in an electric car charging network? Parking garages and office buildings. Possibly malls.

    "Parking generators," don't exist either. Now, I think you mean, "charging station."

    After Comment:

    No, you don't. Try to at least learn the basic vocabulary of what it is you're interested.

    After More Blathering:

    I don't own an electric car, either. And Chris P is 100% correct.

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