Why does MRA, Feminism and LGBT target White men and White women but they don't target minority men and minority women?

Like for instance when a group of Black or Muslim men rape White women it goes unreported and similarly when Black or Muslim women falsely accuse White men of raping them it also goes unreported. I wanted to know why is the media bias and sexist when it comes to White men and White women?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Because that would be politically incorrect and it would go against the code of cultural Marxism as well as political correctness. Liberalism is all about benefiting minorities and the fear of media being viewed as racist and sexist it can lead to a huge chaos. MRA and Feminism as well as LGBT have worked together to get rid of gender roles by turning white men into beta males to white women becoming independent sl*ts as well many of them being gay has reduced the white population which are now below replacement level. The conservative media such as FOX, Breitbart and Infowars do expose how minority men rape white women and how minority women falsely accuse white men of raping them. But of course the vast majority of mainstream media are owned by the liberal Zionist scumbag Jews therefore liberal wins and conservative loses. The Jews are so desperate to breed white people out of existence and because of this stupidity the Zionists have succeeded by turning white males into manginas who are no longer the protectors of their women and turning white women into b*tchy tramps who can be seen as a fresh meat for other races of men to take advantage of. Other whites are now becoming homosexuals because they have become insecure by how media has portrayed whites for decades. And out of this insecurity the liberal whites are doing whatever they can to breed the white race out of existence. White race has been under threat for decades but it's becoming more apparent now and because of this delusional MRA /Feminist/LGBT bs this is steadily decreasing the white race and once whites are out of existence the world will get rid of the civilizations as we once lived in.

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