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The Olympics are coming to Los Angeles, why is it not front page news and top stories like it was when Atlanta was awarded the games?

I was with my Mom when Atlanta was awarded the 1996 Olympic Games and the news was on about breaking news out of Iraq and Kuwait. Then the broadcaster said "we have more breaking news on this ABC News Special Report" and went on to announce Atlanta will be awarded the Olympics for 1996. It showed people celebrating in the streets of Atlanta.

Now this Los Angeles selection is just a brief mention in the news like a notable baseball game. Why is it not big news? I know it's eleven years away but Atlanta Olympics were still 6 years away when they were selected.


Chris P---True but we had Dan Quayle as the number 2 man and were preparing for war in Iraq-Kuwait which was the other big story that day.

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    Normally there's a big windup announcing which of several cities will host the Olympics. Each city sets up a downtown area with mascots and local athletes to gin up interest. On the much anticipated day of the announcement, International Olympic Committee (IOC) members meet for a full day until one city remains. That city is announced and all the people in that city center cheer.

    None of which happened yesterday. I don't think the IOC was supposed to make any announcement yesterday, let alone the location of the 2024 and 2028 Olympics. Rumor was LA would get one and Paris the other or they would both co-host the two Olympics. But since so few cities remained in the bidding, there wasn't much drama. The IOC has had plenty of opportunities to refute the reports but hasn't. That tells me the story is correct: 2024 in Paris and 2028 in Los Angeles.

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    the IOC has now reached a point where few cities bid to host the games and this came down to only two. They decided that Paris would get the 2024 Games and asked L.A. to please not get made because they did not get those games and would they please put on the 2028 Games. The reason no one is excited is because this it too far in the future.

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  • Because it's 11 years away and the glamour of hosting an Olympics isn't what it was 30 years ago (having said that Los Angeles was probably the model for a games that didn't bankrupt the host city/nation). Montreal just paid off their debt for hosting 1976, Athens is in financial ruin from hosting in 2004, Rio will follow suit from last year's games. The IOC literally had two cities willing to host the 2024 and 2028 games (so it's Paris 2024 and LA 2028). Hardly the stuff of Vancouver winning the 2010 winter games (remember the 2003 announcement day).

    Plus, it's no longer a secret what a horrific enterprise the IOC is (them and FIFA are reprehensible on dozens of levels).

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    Because it's a decade-plus away.

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    In 1996 the USA wasn't on the brink of nuclear war with an insane reality TV star in charge of the country.

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