Replacement for 3ds battery due to leakage?

My 3ds just this morning notified me that its battery started "leaking". Can I just replace the battery? Or is it best to just get a new 3ds?

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  • 2 years ago
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    The battery within the 2/3DS family of console is a CONSUMER-REPLACEABLE component. All you need is to get a new battery for your system & a Size 00 Phillips Screwdriver (that you can get at any hardware store or hardware department of Walmart or similar stores).

    You can order the necessary replacement battery online at for $20 ($15 + $5 shipping -- Due to shipping restrictions, there's no express shipping options available & there's a limit of 2 batteries per order. Standard shipping will take up to 2 weeks (8 business days) to arrive. All batteries (& all other "new" components) carry a 30-day return / exchange policy. If you don't like to place an order online, you can call Nintendo's customer service line (1-800-255-3700 within the US) to order the battery. You will need a credit card on hand (& a parent / guardian calling, if you're under 18) to place the order.

    Third party options (like with Batteries Plus) have similar batteries for $15, but they don't run the same specs (WARNING: THIS CAN CAUSE POTENTIAL MALFUNCTIONS) & can void warranty & future repair options since you're using a unlicensed battery. While this might be a faster option, using a battery will likely result in disappointing returns. I have enclosed the noted specs below, if you're technically inclined.

    Nintendo's Official 3DS Battery: 3.7V, 1300 mAh, 5Wh

    Batteries Plus 3DS Battery: 3.6V (-0.1V), 1180 mAh (-120 mAh), 4Wh (-1Wh)

    The gist here is that the battery will drain faster, run hotter (as the system will be demanding more power than it's rated to output), run shorter & likely take more time to charge as well... so I would avoid this option.

    The OTHER option you're looking at is upgrading to a New 3DS / XL. I do have to mention that the New 3DS has been discontinued, so it will become increasingly difficult to find one in stores. The New 3DS XL (& New 2DS XL) are still in production, so you may have to do with the XL. This will run you between $150 (for the New 2DS XL) & $200 (for the New 3DS XL), plus sales tax. While you'll have to spend a couple of hours transferring your digital library & personal settings from your old system to your new system, it does come with a few extra perks.

    * Improved 3D visuals w/ Face-tracking technology (New 3DS ONLY)

    * Integrated NFC reader (just touch your Amiibos / cards on the bottom touch screen)

    * Integrated Circle Pad Pro (added "zL & zR" buttons & a right analog stick-nub, which some games support)

    * Improved internal hardware to support "New 3DS Only" games & SNES VC titles as well as some performance improvements (reduced loading times) on all other games.

    * Larger screens

    Please be aware that the New 3DS XL DOES NOT INCLUDE AN AC ADAPTER (as noted on the box)! The New 3DS XL was packaged as an upgrade from a previous 2/3DS system & removed the AC adapter as a cost-cutting measure (as you may already have a similar adapter to use).

    The TL;DR version here is...

    > Replacing the battery will cost $20 - $25 & will take up to 2 weeks for the battery to arrive.

    > Replacing the system will cost $150 - $200 (+ sales tax) & will take a day to transfer stuff over.

    The choice is ultimately up to you, but I hope this helps in the decision process.

    • Nic2 years agoReport

      Thanks for your advice. But, is the battery leakage dangerous to touch? Can I still replace my battery without it being dangerous? I don't want to burn my skin or touch/infect other parts of the 3DS. Thanks

  • 2 years ago

    Better to get a new ds. Battery acid can damage other parts in the system. And if it leaks out of the system (even if the battery is replaced it's still in there) can burn your skin

  • Dong
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    2 years ago

    Get a new one

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