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Donnie Yen and Jackie Chan Fans:Who was a better Martial Artist,in the 90's, Donnie Yen, or Jackie Chan?

BQ: Agree or Disagree: Donnie Yen now, is even faster than he was in his 20's.

If you don't want to answer those questions, just skip to the wrestling question.

WQ: Who would win, TJ Perkins, or Rey Mysterio, in his prime?

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    Jackie Chan.

    BQ: I haven't watched much of his older films, honestly. I know that he was a villian in "Shanghai Knights" and I've seen Ip Man. He's a skilled martial artist, and if it's true that he's faster than when he was in his 20s, then that's incredible.

    WQ: TJP is a very unique, quick, & talented wrestler. I think that he's one of the most underrated wrestlers in WWE, but as good as he is, a prime Rey Mysterio would still win.

    Mysterio in his prime, during his WCW run, pulled out moves that almost no one else in the WCW roster can do....I can even say that about him in comparison to other cruisweights, lol.

    He was an agile wrestler who was very hard to keep up with.

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    Jackie Chan


    WQ:Rey Mysterio

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    only jackie had a cartoon

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