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Pause Adblock only for certain people?

Sooo I'm a big YouTube fan BUT because the ads are annoying, especially some that don't stop talking while I'm a watching a movie, I downloaded Adblock and it just saved my life!

However, I recently found out that YouTubers get paid by ads and I've been thinking of pausing the app but only to my favourite YouTubers' videos. I might sound mean but I hate clickbaits and I don't even want to give money to channels that use them because I find it wrong.

So I was wondering if there's a way to stop the app but only on the videos/channels of the YouTubers I love because they make great content and I'm more than happy to enhance them.

Any ideas? I use Chrome.

Thank you in advance!

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    Just click on the ABP red button top right. The drop down menu will allow you to allow sites through that you specify.

    IE. Right now I drop down my menu and ive the option of disabling it on yahoo answers. Click that and youre done.

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