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Do you think that as someone who earns a lot of money can spend it on whatever he wants?

I'm Poor but i'm very much support capitalism in it's Friedrich August von Hayek version

I'm a Pole, I recently read the web version of one of our sports magazines, my city of Wroclaw, organizes this year's "World Games 2017" are non-Olympic sports games (those not included in the usual Olympics) are organized by IOC,

In Poland we secretly hope that IOC gave us normal Winter or Summer Games.

But I did not want to write about it,, i read also about one prodigy american skater i forgot the name, he would be 18 this year but become famous when was 12 or 13,

The journalist wrote about his sporting accomplishments, it also mentioned that boy bought new Audi A4 for cash he get on all this skateboarding contest.

Someone in the comments wrote that those Americans spoiling thieir kids by buying them such expansive cars,

I in reply I wrote that

A.) He did not consider Polish lessons when he was concerned with reading comprehension (because we learn to write and read in Polish schools)

B) He is a moron

C) It is both, with is applicable in this case :-)

That is clearly stated in the text, that this boy, earned so much money on sports competitions. That I would like in my Poland, you could make a driving license so easy (without stupid bureaucratic from the city office) and so young age.

And if I had so much money like George Soros, Bill Gates, or even this kid

It's no other people business what i do with them, even if used it...


Even if I used them as a kindling, to a boiler in the boiler room, that this sacred law of property, the basis of capitalism, even if I sent them for Kim Jong-un as a gift ;-)

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    If the skater bought the car himself, with his own money, that was his prerogative.

    That's different from a rich person buying his children luxuries that they did not earn. Yes, it's his money, but it is a parent's responsibility to teach his children the value of money and to make them work for what they get. Spoiling your children not only doesn't do them any good, it's bad for society at large.

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      Although as I now think about it, if I had somehow won so much money or earned it, I would have thought it over before I spend it, (and i would probably bought stocks or our Polish Treasury bonds not a car that only generate more costs, but is just me:-) ) but I am an adult and he was teenager :-)

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  • Anonymous
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    MANY people don't even think about the fact that the money they "have" actually belongs to God, along w/everything else ! People will say things like " I work hard to earn my money ", which is only partially true..........if God didn't create that person, and allow him/her to have the knowledge to do the job she/he does, then that person would have nothing at all

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  • Mark
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    3 years ago


    *Expensive, not "expansive".

    You're Polish? Stop the presses. I never would have figured that out with the letter "ł" in your name! :-)

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      LOL xD

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  • 3 years ago

    Yes it's called free will. Although if you use that money to buy things which are morally wrong like drugs you can't complain if you get arrested.

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      true :-)

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