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What should I study? I m stuck between environmental studies or engineering science.?

I have a passion for science and history. I can t picture myself finding a job in history though. So looking through my local schools catalog two programs called my attention. Engineering science is the first but I have never taken calculus before and with E.S. I would have to take 3 different calculus classes. I m up for a challenge though. Environmental Studies sounds so interesting to me. Classes sound easy enough but I wonder what kind of career I can get with that degree. Would love to hear positive and negatives of both fields. Thanks in advance!!

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  • Stella
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    3 years ago
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    Environmental studies is too general.

    I've known a lot of people with that degree.

    At best they get short term jobs doing surveys of birds on some beach somewhere. It's a great summer job, but it never leads to anything more for them.

    Go for engineering.

    Tackle the challenges of calculus and do your very best.

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