Is it Liberal men or Conservative men who never hit women back?

I've been very confused about this for so many months when it comes to Liberals and Conservatives. Some people say that it's the Liberals who have a problem with men hitting women back and some say it's the Conservatives. But I don't understand chivalry towards women is supposed to be Conservative so how can Liberal men be the ones who never hit women even after she hit him first. It doesn't make any sense since Liberals believe in gender equality. I'm a Liberal but I hit women back because I believe in equality I don't show mercy towards women who act like b*tches. My family is Muslim and they are very traditional they don't believe in hitting women back but they also don't believe a woman should work. I'm the only guy in the family who is literally a Muslim but I hit women back as well as I believe in gender equality. If a woman wants to earn money she can work on her own. Can somebody please explain is "Not hitting women even in retaliation or self defense" is this a Liberal belief or a Conservative belief. Can somebody please relieve me from this confusion once and for all. Who will get upset if a man decides to hit a woman even in self defense or retaliation. I'm talking about Simps on YouTube who like to defend females even if they're acting tough. Can somebody please tell me with details?

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    4 years ago
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    I'm a male feminist and unfortunately, I have to beat up women all the time. Feminism is about equality, so when women punch me, I punch them back in order to treat them as equals. Otherwise, I'd be a misogynist

  • 4 years ago

    I'm conservative. I was always been taught by my parents to never raise a hand to a woman.

    Except I completely agree with the liberal view that women are equals and should be treated as equals. Regardless of gender:

    "If you hit someone you might get hit back"

    "If you slap someone you might get slapped back"

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    4 years ago

    Too abstract, 'liberal men', or 'conservative men' don't exist, they're all individuals, and both groups have people that won't hit, and people that would.

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    4 years ago

    If a man is raised traditionally and old school he will probably walk away after a woman hits him but if she keeps going at him he will hit her back. So I would say overall conservatives are the ones who will have a problem with men hitting women back. Since you're a liberal and believe in equality it is comprehensible why you will hit women back. Guys who are traditional tend to be the ones who take it but they can sometimes become rapists if they are drunk.

    Source(s): If anybody disagrees let me know why
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