Is Florida Dept of Opportunity (unemployment) desperate?

We know of 3 individuals layed off and truthfully filled out income accurately. Because employer filled out per paycheck income rather than weekly which is what one fills out at Job Services/Career Source is demanding payment. They all sent proof of what they are making weekly vs paycheck and Florida Job Services will not alter even with proof. Why isn't anyone holding this office accountable?

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    4 years ago
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    Idk, but the state of Florida is surely owned and run by some covert narcissist sadist cult. They like to violently oppress, brainwash, and frame, their victims of abuse, making it so they're not even allowed to leave the city. It's like when communist countries refuse to let their violently oppressed civilians leave. They get off on hurting and owning people, made it so I lost thousands of dollars I needed in back-pay, and of course, this state doesn't recognize common law, so it's their way or no way, bend over, get raped again, nothing you can do about it. This is actually fun to them. They think it's a game to make people they abused want to kill themselves or others. Can use mind control to make it so the victim remembers the abuse. I was purposely given back my memories at the age of 39. Some victims live and die never realizing they were abused, never mind how. Then there's the actual government here, oh my freaking dog, don't even get me started on those abusive zombies. They take pride in arresting people for feeding the homeless. Use reverse psychology to tell you that you're not being abused as they abuse you. They're just all owned pawns to the sadist cult. There's nobody to hold any of these fukcs accountable for any of the violations they commit against me. I don't even get to speak with a lawyer as I am, REPEATEDLY, violently locked up on hear-say, and then drugged and knocked out for refusing to shut up about my right to legal help. Of course, nobody believes that such abuse goes on. Me, I know that slavery never ended.

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    So, you're having problems with the unemployment office, huh? Well, it is a "right to work" state.

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