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What would you name your child if...?

Feel free to do just one gender or both genders for each question.

1. The first name is a flower or spice, and the middle name is a month. (Ex: Magnolia June and Sage October.)

2. The first and middle name either have to have the initials X.Y., V.M., B.T., D.F., or G.I. (Ex: Xena Yasmine and Dexter Finnegan.)

3. The first name is a famous historical figure, and the middle name is one-syllable. (Ex: Amelia Faye and Alexander Max.)

4. The first name is after a Disney character, and the middle name is reflective of your nationality/heritage. (Ex: Belle Fiona and Sebastian Reilly.)

5. The first name is space inspired, and the middle name is literary inspired (can be a character or an author). (Ex: Astrid Juliet and Orion Edgar.)

6. The first name is related to water in some way, the middle name is a place name. (Ex: Mira Paris and Kai Phoenix.)

7. The first name is old-fashioned, and the middle name is super trendy. (Ex: Greta Kylie and Thomas Aiden.)

8. The first name is a gemstone, and the middle name has to honor a family member. (Ex: Ruby Danielle and Onyx Charles.)

9. The first name is an animal, and the middle name is a musical term/instrument. (Ex: Wren Harper and Robin Solo.)

10. The first and middle name are guilty pleasures! (Ex: Opal Anastasia and Ezra Valentine.)

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    1. Clarke August and Daisy April

    2. Brian Timothy and Brittany Taylor

    3. William Todd and Alexandria Lynn

    4. John Leonardo and Anna Giulia

    5. David Peter and Phoebe Monica

    6. Cory James and Marina Bristol

    7. Frederick Bryan and Sarah Miranda

    8. Jasper Roderick and Ruby Lori

    9. Fox Gregory and Tawny Allegra

    10. Dominic Tristan and Genevieve Lorelei

  • Linda
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    2 years ago

    1. Rose April, Sage August

    2. Benjamin Tanner, Daphne Francine

    3. Betsy Rose, Lincoln Sean

    4. Merida Corinne, Arthur Lamar

    5. Starla Claire, Mars Bennett

    6. Brooke Laurel, River Dallas

    7. Mavis Caitlin, Phillip Grayson

    8. Crystal Lou, Jasper Alex

    9. Robin Lyric, Lark Reed

    10. Nadia Mariella, Tobias Sterling

  • 2 years ago

    1. Daisy May, Basil October

    2. Daisy Frances, Victor Morri

    3. Elizabeth Kay, Michael Maz

  • 2 years ago

    June for middle name

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