Biology vs Geology vs Physics vs Engineering for a major?

I'm currently a Junior in high school, so I know I still have time to decide for college, but I still want to plan ahead.

All my life, biology has been my favorite subject. I've loved learning about biology and reading new facts from books or the internet. But after taking part of AP Biology in Sophomore year, and after taking 2 years of a Biotechnology major (tech school), I've realized I really dislike chemistry, microbiology, and really lab work as a whole. The things that mostly interest me are population dynamics, ecology, statistics, field research, and computer analysis. Because of this, I've considered things like biostatistics or fisheries science.

Oceanography has also always been a strong interest of mine, so I initially planned to go into marine biology. However, since I have such a strong dislike for chemistry, microbiology, and lab work (all of which are key components of a career in biology), I'm beginning to consider other fields.

I've frequently thought about majoring in physics or engineering, since I enjoy mathematics and I could go into different fields of marine science/engineering. I've also thought about majoring in geology, so I could pursue a career in hydrology or meteorology. But I feel like all of these fields won't interest me the way biology does.

What do you recommend for some who enjoys biology, but dislikes chemistry, microbiology, and lab work? Would going into a career in ecology be suitable for me, or should I consider a different field?


When I say I dislike lab work, I am more referring to wet lab work. Labs involving chemistry or microbiological samples. I'm more interested in dry lab work, such as mathematics and computer work, along with field research. Because of this, I assumed a field of biostatistics (especially fisheries science) would be good, since it involved more field sampling and mathematical/computational work, and less wet lab work.

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    3 years ago
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    The fact of the matter is, if you're going into a STEM career field, you're going to be doing lotsa lab work. Physics also has lab work, and so does engineering. What you need to do is just embrace the suck and do what you're most passionate about.

    I don't think physics degrees have a lot of chemistry, but there's still chemistry in it, and the same goes for engineering. Granted, the chemistry you'll be learning in engineering and physics would probably just be a basic chemistry class, and I'm not sure what level of chemistry you've taken.

    I'm not really sure what your issues with labs are, like, do you find them to be hard? Do you just not like them? You really shouldn't deny yourself a career you want and are passionate about just because you don't like some of the classes you have to take. Getting a degree is no small task and can be very difficult, however, you're still young. You can achieve all of this by the time you're 22 or whatever. So what do you want? Do you want a career that not a lot of people can get into because the classes are very hard, or do you want a degree that's easy to get into and everyone's doing?

    I really want my engineering degree, but I had to take a bunch of pointless sociology classes to fulfill my GE requirements and so on. I, too, have to take classes I don't want to get my degree. For example, I have to take a C++ class to get my aeronautics and electrical engineering degree, but I'm still going through with it.

    As far as ecology, I don't know anything about that. But if you want a career that doesn't have a lot of(or any) labs, consider a non-STEM field.

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