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The main reason for the tension between East and West in Europe was because of the acts of Soviet Union. How far do you agree?

Please can you help me with this history question. I need to give in this essay and I have no clue. This exact same question is in my exam tomorrow!!!

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    I am guessing that this is a factor-based essay. I am assuming that this question relates to the start of the Cold War, but I will mention stuff up to about 1961.

    We cannot write it for you but here are some factors that you could use:

    Soviet actions (named factor)

    Berlin Blockade

    Actions in Eastern Europe and how Stalin created puppet governments - you can find tonnes of information on this!

    Khrushchev and the rebellions in Eastern Europe

    Berlin Wall

    Riots in Czechoslovakia

    Warsaw Pact

    US actions:

    Truman's policy of containment - March 1947

    European Recovery Program - the Marshall Plan - June 1947

    Bizonia and later trizonia by January 1947


    Varying post-war aims and views:

    What each leader wanted after the war e.g. Stalin wanted security, hence wanted spheres of influence is Europe and a buffer zone; Roosevelt wanted co-operation but Truman wanted to contain communism. You could talk about the lack of a common enemy which led to the deterioration of the Grand Alliance. The vague terms of the agreements made at Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam are equally possible points.

    Ideological differences (underlying cause) This one is the obvious one . The West were capitalist and the East were communist which meant that getting along was difficult. You could link his one to some of the previous points.

    Remember analysis is key - when looking at your essay, for every point or bit of evidence that you use, ask yourself - "So What?" and explain everything, while relating it to the question. Again, I was not sure about the time period, but I am assuming that it was closer to the 1940s and 1950s... than anything that comes later.

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    Marshall Plan, buying influence, provocative action that led to Soviet Union's further withdrawal.

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    All Eastern Europe countries have been in love with the U. S. since the 1880's, only Soviet force of arms kept them supposedly hostile.

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    Oil and gas

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