Which of the Nintendo handhelds should I get?

Would like to get one of the Nintendo handhelds, but not sure which. There's the 2DS, 2DS XL, 3DS, 3DS XL, and I think a new 3DS XL. How should i go about deciding which to get? The 3D aspect isn't super important to me, but I'm not sure if it plays a critical role in the games or not. Also would like to try and get the most bang for my buck, as my disposable income isn't spectacular. If one is more expensive but is only a little better than another, I would probably stay away from that one. Just kind of looking for some sort of opinions

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    Out of the 3DS family of consoles, I would trim the options down to 3 choices: 2DS, New 2DS XL & New 3DS XL. While you can do a side-by-side-by-side comparison between these (see source link), here's the rough rundown.

    The 2DS is purely the "Budget Model" at $80 new & typically includes a digital copy of Mario Kart 7. It's slate design is a bit solid, but a chunky & NOT pocket friendly. There's no 3D screen (hence the "2D" designation), doesn't support the Circle Pad Pro add-on & only has mono audio speaker support (headphones required for stereo).

    The New 2DS (coming July 28, 2017) would be the "Balanced Model" at $150. It features larger screens (82% larger compared to the 2DS) & the traditional clamshell design (which makes it more pocket friendly). With newer internals, it supports all New 3DS content (in 2D) & includes built in NFC reader (for Amiibo support) as well as built-in Circle Pad Pro. This is pretty much the model I would recommend as it has everything you'll want, just without the 3D screen.

    The New 3DS is the "Deluxe Model" at $200 + $10 for AC adapter (sold separately), which practically has all the features the New 2DS includes + a 3D screen... which based on your preferences, you'll likely skip as 3D visuals are NOT a priority for you. The lack of the AC adapter w/ the New 3DS was partially a cost-cutting measure & anticipated as an upgrade from previous systems (like the original 2/3DS).

    Please be aware that the New 2/3DS consoles do NOT include any major games (digital or retail), so you will need budget funds for games (games run up to $40 w/o DLC for new games). All 2/3DS consoles do support virtually all of the original DS games (the only exception is the Guitar Hero: On Tour series, which only works on the DS Lite due to physical design of the guitar grip), so you can keep your old games as well.

    I will note that there are demos (typically limited usage) & "Free to Start" titles you can download. Just be aware that "Free to Start" titles typically have play limits w/o micro-transactions or premium DLC. Sub Wars: Steel Diver is one downloadable title that provides basic multiplayer for free, but single player & full multiplayer carries an additional one-time purchase.

    While the choice is ultimately up to you, I hope this helps to shed some light on the subject.

    Source(s): 2/3DS Console Comparison -- http://www.nintendo.com/2ds/features/compare
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    The naming geniuses at Nintendo have complicated things by releasing a new updated version of their handhelds called "The New Nintendo 3DS", "The New Nintendo 3DS-XL", and coming soon, "The New Nintendo 2DS-XL"

    These "The New...." models incorporate a faster processor, support for a larger SD memory card, better wifi capabilities, and better 3D (not the 2DS-XL model.)

    There are 2 or 3 games that will ONLY work on these "The New..." models, but even if you aren't interested in those games, you might as well get on of the "The New...." handhelds for the slightly improvements in game loading times.

    I personally wouldn't bother with the "The New Nintendo 2DS-XL". First of all, you can turn off the 3D effect on the other models, and second the price difference between "The New Nintendo 2DS-XL" and "The New Nintendo 3DS-XL" is like $20 - not enough to make a difference if you ask me.

    I bought a "The New Nintendo 3DS-XL" a few years ago and like it the larger screen size. It is larger than the 3DS form-factor, but that doesn't affect its portability since I'm carrying it around in a backpack anyways.

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    2 years ago

    My favourite is the 3DS XL

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    Go for the 2DSXL, it is the exct same as the 3DSXL except it has no 3D aspect, to which you said it was not important to you anyway plus its cheaper. The 3DSXL does seem to look and feel a little more high quality but my friend has a 2DSXL and claims he likes the feel better than the 3DSXL. I wouldn't rellly reccomend the regular 3DS and 2DS because for 1 the screen is too small and the 2DS is really chunky and looks like a nuissance to carry around.

    So yeah in my opinion i would say the 2DSXL.

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  • 2 years ago

    If you don't want the 3D then the 2DS XL. If you want to be up to date then the New 3DS XL will do you. I have the new 3DS XL.

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    The first one

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