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I found that there are jewish in a Mexican state but they don't want to go to Israel why?

I found some information that they belong to a sect whish is called lev tahor, they used to live in Guatemala but they were expulsed from that country now they live in the south of Mexico, so why are there jewish living in this area and they are ultraorthodox? it supposed to be that they should be living in Israel? I just found that name but this group is ultra-orthodox because they dress black and stuff like that, I don't know why are in mexico? I have seen jewish in Mexico but not in that style, just wearing kipa and that's all but never black dress and long hair


and it's weird for me to see them in my country because jewish who are here, they have many years living here and usually live in the capital of the country or in big cities, they in a small town in the south mexico

Update 2:

I know jewish guys but I haven't seen them dressing black clothes and their women dress like a muslim women

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    mmm well i know that there's a big community in Polanco, Mexico City, why? because many immigrants came long ago. They stay because they had the opportunity, and why not? they're nice people.

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