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New puppy training and diet question?

Well for the last four years I have been working in East Timor where there is a huge stray dog problem. I had to put down my three year old dog last week because it was attacked by a stray and lost the fight. I am going to buy a new puppy and since I will be here for the next five years at least I was thinking about getting either a Pit-Bull, Rottweiler or some other large dog that can defend itself. What should I feed it (keep in mind some of the fancy less common dog food is hard to find here) to bulk it up and what training exercises can I do with it to make it stronger and more aggressive. So this way if it is attacked by one of the strays and I am not around to shoot the stray it can kill it.

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    Pits, Dobies and Rotties are automatically defensive; you don't need to train it. I think all countries have Purina dog chow.

  • PR
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    How would your dog get attacked by a dog when you are not around? Your dog should not be outside the house or in the yard when no one is home. If there is a problem with strays, then your dog should ONLY be in the yard when you are right there, and only long enough to relieve himself, then right back inside the house.

    It won't matter the size of your dog, if two or more dogs get in a fight, there will be a loser. Unless you want to be part of dog fights, keep your dog inside and don't worry about the actual size of your own dog.

    If you walk your dog, keep pepper spray in your hand and you might even consider driving your dog to a different part of town so you can walk, safely.

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    It would take you three years to get a pup grown up & trained, what are you going to do in the mean time? Don't you fear that a young pup would be attacked & killed like the one you just lost?

    It might be better to friend one of the stray dogs & keep it as yours.

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