Did you want to ban you son or daughter activities or profession you deem to dangerous (extreme sport, certain profession)?

I like to watch skateboard shows, even though I never ride on a skateboard, I have always had problems with tendons and joints, I know my limitations :-)

But those skaters often start young, especially in such fields like gymnastics (China and North Korea, routinely send their girls with doctored Birth Certificate that even ex-President Obama would be envy ;-) because to compete in major events girl must be 15 years old or older

But i prefer skateboarders contest and sky-jumping by winter we Poles have good ski jumpers

As for skateboarders those kids start early like this boy


Youtube thumbnail

He is 18 by now i think, i heard that he would be contest in 2020 Olympic Games in 2020 because IOC approved Skateboarding as Olympic sport :D

These kids and adults are so good because they do not have to ask any nasty doctor for permission xD

Like is in aviation industry for exemple you must fill lengthy medical form if you apply for pilot license for exemple, in Poland where i live during communist time was possible to make all pilot license for free from PPL (Private Pilot License) to ATPL (airline transport pilot license) you just sign to aroclube and their train you for free xD

(the minus that apparently was medical for pilot license that was at that time and still is in Poland You can not have any seizure disorder, even if someone has not had a seizure still is ******!!!

Recently we talked about one topic with our friends....


Would they allow their child to ask for the possibility of practicing such sport like skateboarding snowboarding and so on, they argued that kid can break their neck making them disabled for life, that they would be reluctantly.

We talk also about aviation Poland is Permanent member of ESA (European Space Agency) since 2010 which means that during next ESA Astronaut selection applicant from Poland my apply as well i asked them.

Update 2:

Would they be happy if their daughter, when she was growing up (now a little child) applied to the position of astronaut at the European space agency and could fly to the ISS, (although by then the station would probably de-orbit due age, They said not really, Because they did not want their daughter to be a tomboy

WTF?!!! does such surnames like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valentina_Tereshkova , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Svetlana_Savitskaya https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sally_Ride

Update 3:

I'm a 120 kilo guy, fat man from Poland and do not believe in such bullshit in my opinion girls are as capable as boys if they are given a chance.

I myself have Asperger's Syndrome, I do not like people stereotyping people

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    I had one daughter that was a pro skateboarder for a while. It's really dangerous, as they didn't use helmets and pads as they do now. I'm not sure me saying no, would have stopped her. When she joined the USAF THEY told her to stop! The next one was a bicycle racer. I suggested that there were things I'd rather see her do, because of all the injuries and doping. Didn't do much good because I was racing too. When she broke her collar bone it stopped her. She plays soccer now. You can't stop them from adventuring!!

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      Good thinking! Later in life, we regret the things we didn't do, more than the things we did. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained". Thanks for the BA

  • 2 years ago

    You have to let them go. It is their life

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