Is using multiple Firewalls Safe?

Hi ive always wanted to know how to stay Safe and as Anonymous online as i can be. What do firewalls do exactly how do p pick a gd one? I was thinking about getting a hardware and software one, something like Kaspersky and a expensive box router thing would this work? would this conflict do i need to use more than one firewall or ach type for more security? If i wanted to go overboard on security what could i do. As i mentioned before i like the idea of maximum anonymity online, so thats why ill save up for a MAC OS laptop, cause windows has and is the most vulnerable operating system to malware hacks and gov surveillance. I also thinking about using ExpressVPN ad then using Hide my *** proxy server, then using VM machines then using Firewalls Anti Malware/spyware and using multiple Anti viruses. Using tails or something similar for linux if i cant use tails with Mac OS. because of the TOR browser ability to log everything ill buy a separate computer to use TOR and not use home WIFI or WORK WIFI because it can be traced or has to many links to private things. So is using multiple Firewalls safe? Are VPNS and proxys the same thing? If not so can i run them together? Will all these run along with a VM? Can i use multiple Anti viruses and anti malware? Answers plz for people who know alot about computers. Answers plz

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  • Jim
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    4 years ago
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    No using two firewalls is not safe or necessary it will mess up your communication only use one.

    Comodo free Firewall is the best there is, bit of a learning curve.

    A Firewall stops real time active hackers breaking into your system not for being anonymous on line.

    The most anonymous you can get is AdVor

    Advanced Onion Router.

    This is an Advanced TOR again it has a learning curve.

    For advanced VPN use VPN Gate. Made by the University of Tsukuba Japan. 100% free because the Japanese government does not allow these people to make money on this part of their government system.

    This is a special type of VPN where every day you get a new random list of servers around the world each day it changes or each time you log on you get a new list too much to explain.

    The other VPN that is very powerful is ultrasurf made by to Chinese dissidents in the Silicon Valley to circumvent the great firewall of China if it can get by the Chinese authorities it can get by anything.

    The problem with using a regular VPN is that these days web browsers have something in them called Web RTC meaning real-time communication which will divulge your IP address amongst other things regardless if you use a VPN. This is why you need to use a special web browser like the Tor Browser which does everything for you in the background which you may not know about.

    As far as saving up for a Mac computer thinking that you're going to be safe those days are over you're wasting your money. The main reason why Mac computers used to be so safe is that they only held 5% market shares in the world Windows had 90% and Linux etc held the rest. It was not worth while for people to try hacking into an Apple device but those days are gone. If you do not believe me simply come through the Yahoo answers security section and you will see how many people with computer malware have Apple computers.

    One of The main reason why Windows is vulnerable is because people turn off an important function called UAC especially when installing things like an antivirus which the UAC should be left on when you install your antivirus. This control prevents things from installing into your computer without your permission when people turn this off naturally they get all kinds of viruses secondly if you know what you're doing you can make a Windows computer as secure as you need it to be it's just that most people don't want to take the extra effort and time.

    This is How I stay secure and anonymous.

    I open ultrasurf VPN using a program called sandboxie when ultrasurf opens it automatically opens Chrome in Incognito mode. Ultrasurf is a special type of VPN which also destroys all web surfing Etc when it closes so together with Chrome incognito mode nothing remains. By opening the web browser in a sandbox that is what keeps my computer totally safe from malicious software entering into it. When the sandbox program closes it initiates a secondary program called eraser which is a wiping program contrary to a program which simply deletes data this completely overrights anything that was left.

    This is how I surf the Internet to stay safe and hundred percent anonymous.

    Instead of using all the software that you use I just use two Security Programs problem solved the easy way.

    If I need extra safety then l use Firefox or Como IceDragon loaded with security add-ons

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Only use one firewall. You need a VPN Server to anonymize.

  • 4 years ago

    get an AV that includes one.

  • Jason
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    4 years ago

    No, they can conflict with each other.

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  • 4 years ago

    So altogether i was thinking about as my personal laptop using (altogether in one if i can), ExpressVPN, Hide my *** proxy, VM machine, then use search engines like Duckduckgo, Hardware expensive Firewall, really good one, then a software related firewall then a really gd one like kaspersky. Anti virus and Anti Malware ANti spyware at least one good one installed if its safe and on conflicting and more secure i buy many as i can. For my Anon Laptop Id use mostly the same use Duckduckgo search engine same proxys and VPNs ect.Denfinitely use VM. I was also thinking about using TOR on my burner/Anon one but then i could never switch it on in the house or connect to a private network or private WIFI. And other safety tips ive learnt ect ect. never use window in full resolution, switch proxy vpn and TOR identity every few minutes or so and don't do anything illegal, use tails when possible. Use a bridge ect ect.

  • Marvin
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    4 years ago

    Firewalls do not hide your IP or MAC. TOR will do that.

    I am thinking of setting up a VPN between work and my brother's house in the USA. That way I can record TV shows from the office here in Singapore, and I can access my Yahoo mail that is blocked.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago


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