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Should I quit being friends with my friend?

My friend jon introduced me to Mary jane. I didn t noticed at first but he ran all my other friends away with his negativity and constant complaining. He used me for rides to lunch, rides to get smoke 80 miles away twice a month and I would drive to the smoking spots. Always an excuse why he couldn t drive any particular time. He lost his job and I promised to keep him smoked out til he got another job and we was smoking Tues, Thurs, Fri and sat.

He got a new job and I put brakes on his car using my shed and tools and charged him nothing. I got hit one morning and while my vehicle was being fixed he was to drive. I even payed for gas a few times. Soon it went from smoking 4 days a week to 1. Then I got my truck back and I was back to driving everytime and paying for gas (he never offered) to go smoke. Somehow we always ended up smoking more of mine.

There was times while we was smoking he would fall asleep and drop the pipe and spill the smoke. It upset me but I never said anything. I ended up losing my job (I still had smoke) and he still expected me to drive him to smoke. Once I asked him to drive next time and he s says "idk I ll think about it" like he was mad that I asked. I ran out of smoke and I hoped he would return the favor but I never heard from him. I messaged him to hang out so we did one time but he never offered to smoke me up. Its been almost 2 months now. I feel like I ve been used. Should I stop being his friend? If so how should I go about it?

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    Well you're stupid for letting him keep taking stuff from you..... so stop being friends and go away like all your other friends did, or be friends and grow a spine and tell him to buy his own stuff.....

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