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What is the difference between anti rabies vaccine and Hrig/Erig?

Im so confused right now tho can anyone briefly explain it.

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    3 years ago
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    A course of rabies vaccines (given into the shoulder muscle) works to develop long term immunity, but this may take seven days to begin providing protection. For this reason, HRIG is usually given into the wound or site of injury to provide immediate short term protection while the rabies vaccines start to work. Long term protection is essential as rabies infection can take a long time to develop. Not everyone potentially exposed to rabies or ABLV will be advised to have HRIG. For example, HRIG is generally not required for people who have been previously vaccinated against rabies. When recommended, it is important to have the HRIG as well as the vaccine to ensure complete protection against rabies or ABLV.

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  • Gary B
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    3 years ago

    Anti-Rabies vaccine is made from inactivated rabies virus cells. These cells are injected into yoru body, but sicne they are inactive they cant infect you. But your body WILL build up rabies anti-bodies, thus making you immune.

    (This is called Active Innoculation, sicne dead rabie virus are used.)

    HRig and ERig do not use real virus cells, but they use the antibodies made from someone (or something) that was already had the active inoculation. In this case Rabies Immuno Globulin (RIG) is injected, but NOT the actual rabies cells.

    HRig is made from HUMAN volunteers, who are "harvested" like a blood donation. NO ONE is hurt.

    ERig is made from HORSES, and again no horses are hurt.

    It has been found that the RIG inoculation works better and has less side effects than Rabies Vaccine.

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