Are humans, as a species, tyrants over Earth?

We *think* we have a right to own everything, every animal, but we do not.
We have no right to do what we are doing.
We took it, by force. Therefor humans are a race of MURDEROUS TYRANT that do not deserve to live.
Update: We have no right to own animals, we have no right to destroy the Earth. We should be living with the land not against it.
Update 2: Yeah... No.
Update 3: Don't give me that religious crap. I've had enough of that. We don't have a right to slaughter whatever animal we please in the amount that we do.
Update 4: Stop with the god stuff already, WE HAVE NO BLOODY DOMINION OVER THEM, they have RIGHT to be free.
Update 5: No, animals have the RIGHT to be free.
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