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choosing lightning to usb cable?

I've had two apple ones fail so I'm looking at third party brands.

It seems there are plenty to choose from, one lady said to me that there are licenced and unlicensed products, some will allow for charging and others charging and data.

I don't know if this is true or if she was trying to get me to pay for the more expensive cables.


Are they all the same, will some carry data while others can only be used to charge? How about power and charging speeds?

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  • Ducky
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    3 years ago
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    What you need to look for are MFI Certified cables, these are cables approved by Apple. Your best option is to search for them on Amazon and read the reviews, you want to look for a cable that has lots of reviews with more of them being positive than negative.

    Not knowing where you live, it's hard to recommend a cable. I got the Rampow Nylon Braided Lightning Cable and it has been great so far.

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