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Is this possible?

I hook my iphone to my laptop and then put my songs on itunes then to my computer and transfer the songs from itunes to my mp3 player

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    Less steps needed! Use Windows Explorer on your laptop, in conjunction with iTunes on your laptop. Move the music from your phone to the iTunes program. then, in WinEX, go find the Music-iTunes - Media-Music folder ( or a path similar) that shows you music. Disconnect your phone. Plug in you mp3 player. Drag the songs to the mp3 player.

    Now - if you rip music from CDs (if you laptop has a CD drive, great - otherwise, you have to do this on your computer) then you can also drag them onto your mp3 player. I do this ALL THE TIME - podcasts, music, etc. Once you have the music, via iTunes transfer, on your laptop or computer WinEx - you are free to move it wherever.

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    You need some kind of 3rd party software to extract the songs from your iTunes or phone. They make it so you cannot do to prevent piracy, so this 3rd party software is required. This only works with songs you've added to iTunes, not songs hosted by iTunes music or songs purchased on iTunes.

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