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What s a visually pleasing style of swordmanship?

So, I was watching Arrow and I saw Oliver go up against Ra s Al, armed with swords, and it looked pretty cool. Long story short: I m trying to write a superhero that only fights with swords (because there s really not too many out there). The last thing I want is for the audience to watch him swing wildly without any sense of style. Boxing and Kung Fu look very different and I d imagine there s a similar effect with different styles of swordplay. I know it s a really out-there kind of question, but if someone could recommend a really cool looking style to research and watch I d really appreciate it because I have NO knowledge on this subject! Thank you. Also, can kantas, or whatever the thin blades are called, ever be not lethal? If so, would the victims require immediate medical attention? I don t really want my hero killing everyone he fights, but if he has to do be it.

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    Almost all swords have interesting styles of realistic use. There are a huge number of styles, for the fairly broad range of edged weapons. Note the sword is primarily defensive, keeping an opponent beyond the comfortable distance of arm, step and sword point but can be used to offend against anyone approaching closer than this. Defend first (whether by controlling measure, stepping aside, the parry or by countercutting or cutting before, then attack once secure - this can be done in the same tempo but attacks made without defence are bad form and can be dangerous). It can be quite difficult to land effective cuts with an edged weapon, cloth can greatly reduce the effectiveness of a sloppy cut, and armour renders cuts nearly completely ineffective. Thrusts with the point, slices against gaps and strikes with the heavy pommel and quillons are usually more reliably injurious. Most injuries from swords are not immediately incapacitating, and many duellists were killed by the person they hit (and wounded) first. Swords can be stuck in the wound, particularly in the thrust, and even fatal wounds can take minutes or hours to kill. Obviously sometimes the effect is more rapid, but this shouldn't be the norm, and isn't even with gunshot wounds all the time.

    I'd suggest watching videos of HEMA or other traditions of martial arts to see what different weapons permit or encourage.

    There are training films, competition (which is usually a simplified subset) and some choreographed samples aimed at encouraging more realism in film representation.

    Choreographed Longsword Duel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn36Pb8z3yI

    Youtube thumbnail

    Training Devices for Messer and Longsword: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDP2maXCzt4

    Youtube thumbnail

    Civilian street fighting - various weapons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEhlHPOb9hg

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    One that is made for the movies/TV.

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      good answer; also, Errol Flynn, Douglas Fairbanks, Arnold Schwarzenegger

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