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Is it legal to buy a windows 7 license key taken from a scap pc on Ebay and actually use it?

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  • David
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    3 years ago
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    It is a grey area/ loophole that some eBay sellers have chosen to exploit. The license key will be taken from one of the big brands manufacturers Dell HP Fujitsu etc. During manufacture the hard drives are cloned with a manufacturers image of windows 7 activated with a generic key on the production line to speed up the manufacturing process. In addition to this each machine will be given a specific green Microsoft activation sticker which will activate any OEM machine. When you buy a license you are sent this green sticker which will activate your machine., usually via a manual activation via the internet or telephone when you install windows 7.and enter the key. The whole process is automatic and as the key verifies and activates Microsoft isn't going to chase you. I have purchased several Windows 7 licenses off eBay in this way with no problems

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