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What political party should I register to?

So I registered as Independent, but now that I'm moving, I have to register again.

Pro-Life (no Abortion, no Guns, no Death Penalty)

Against Same-sex Marriage

No more Illegal Immigration, but the ones that didn't do much crimes could stay.

Free health care

Support more the mentally ill & disabled population

Bring jobs back to the United States.

Believe in Global Warming, but to not worry too much about it.

Should teach about god in schools.

Race should be taught in Anthropology classes again.

Bring more economy to smaller towns.

Doesn't support trans-gender

Believes the the Hispanic/Latino label is corrupted, & should be removed from the census.

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    What political party should I register to? Demons grow human skin (from a sample taken during abduction) and put it on so as to look like us. Demons will invite people to be healed inside their UFOs; those who go will be like zombies after. Gov't provides demons with diamonds and allows demons to abduct people. If you're being abducted, slowly pray the Jesus prayer.

    Don't panic. Demons use diamonds and souls to power their UFO craft. The bigger the diamond, the more it lasts. Demons have 4 UFO bases: 1)Moon 2)Inside fake mountain Kailash in Tibet 3)In lake Baikal in Russia 4)In Atlantis which is underneath the Mariana Trench in Pacific Ocean. There are no aliens. Nobody lives on other planets.

    Airplanes that go down are hit by demons because they need the airspace to fight Jesus. Antichrist is pale with red eyes. He's possessed by Satan since he's 12 years old. He flies very fast; deceived people will say that "Christ is here; Christ is there". Sometimes, he wears blue robe over left shoulder while red robe is underneath. He wears gloves to hide long nails. He's surrounded by demons who appear as angels of light. Antichrist will trick people to believe that he can do mountain moving and resurrection (using holograms); fire from the sky is easy (considering the gases from pollution in the atmosphere).

    Don't go into a UFO to be healed by demons. Green 666 is given by isotope rays on wrist or forehead when people stretch hands to receive small plastic grey card with no name on it (World Passport). Police will microchip and isotope ray people on the highways. Microchipped people will be influenced by computers to take grey plastic card; but when they do, 666 is given. Food stores will isotope ray people too. Antichrist will also release prisoners to mark people. Reject 666 at all cost because it leads to permanent hell.

    If you're about to be marked, pray the Jesus prayer. Hide with Orthodox Christians to escape 666; leave all electronics behind so that antichrist's minions can't track you. Burn documents because they're from Satan. Give to charity in the name of Archangel Michael; he rescues people from temporary hell twice a year (or brings them up a level, that is, to a level with less punishment; eventually, people are freed). Feed the pigeons; when pigeons bow down, people are saved from temporary hell. Forgive me.

    Source: Ruski Orthodox Christian Vyacheslav Krasheninnikov

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    Why don't you support LGBT?

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    You're a very Conservative Republican.

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