What is the difference from a purchased Windows OS serial product key purchased, and a Windows OS serial key that's built-in the computer?


What is the difference between Windows OS serial product key that's purchased, and a Windows OS serial key that's already built-in the computer?

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  • 3 years ago
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    The keys you buy from MS or other retailers are Retail Keys. These keys can be installed on 1 computer at a time. So if computer 1 dies, you can transfer the key to a new computer free of charge. You may need to call MS and explain what's going on, though.

    However, OEM keys are keys that come with most pre-built computers you buy from a store from manufacturers like HP, Dell, Gateway, etc. These keys come with the condition that they can only be used on that particular computer. So if that computer dies, you are not allowed to transfer it to a new one. In addition, if you have problems with Windows, MS usually will not help you, so you would need to contact the computer's manufacturer for help.

    • Jobson3 years agoReport

      Migrate and support from retailer(MS) either than from manufacturers(OEM).

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  • 3 years ago

    Paper Certification of Authenticity or paper coa, is a printed serial key that manufactures use for theirs computers, and can only be used in one computer in which the OS software was or can be installed.

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    They all start out as a paper coa the factory dosent ship them with coa if they have already activated the computer big companys are too big to set their and activate your coa so they send the computer with a scratch off these days .

    Now here is the difference a paper coa thats unscratched can be easy stolen and used.

    However once you see its scratched you know its activated and if you steal the number it wont activate on another computer.

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