How to Permanently Fix Proxy Server Settings?

So this has happened to me before where I had to Uncheck the Proxy server setting every 5 mins. And I had managed to fix it for quite a few months and now it's back and worse.

It doesn't matter if I try to uncheck through my web browser or control panel, it's basically the same thing. And now I have to uncheck Proxy every single second which is super annoying.

And when it is checked, not only is my Computer Super Slow, but the internet doesn't work if it's checked. And i managed to fix it where I had to only check "automatically detect settings" and uncheck proxy server once. And I don't even know what "bypass Proxy server for local address" means so I've tried unchecking that too.

Is there ANY Possible way to fix this? And/or get permanently rid of the Proxy section on a laptop computer?


As a notice, I do have a failing hard-drive on my computer. So could that be a Possible Cause of my Proxy Server Setting issues?

1 Answer

  • Adrian
    Lv 7
    4 years ago

    If something is setting the proxy, and you have no idea why, then you have some virus that is setting it to direct all your network traffic through some hacker's proxy server...

    Run a full virus scan, and then a malware scan (in case it is browser related but not a direct virus)

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